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Nanotechnology / MEMS

The production of nano-sized structures requires precise control of many environmental factors. Precise control of parameters such as temperature stability, vibration (both acoustic and physical), airborne contaminants, electrical magnetic interference (EMI), and molecular contamination are required for the effective realization of nano-scale technologies.

The exacting environmental control required of nanotechnology necessitates a comprehensive approach to controlling each individual environmental aspect. Whether it be an application for lifesciences, such as nano-scale genomics research, biomedical implants, alternative drug delivery mechanisms, or others like structural composites, industrial coatings or integrated circuits, the tools and instruments used to explore nano-scale applications demand a new set of environmental control solutions.

Mini-environments are a crucial part of a comprehensive environment control plan. Mini-environments provide precise and efficient temperature and humidity control, sound attenuation, and can be designed to reduce EMI. In addition, mini-environments provide these high levels of environmental control in an integrated, economical package and can be implemented faster than facility construction or modification. These attributes make mini-environments a good solution to unexpected environmental issues as well as part of a planned nano-scale facility.

Our experience at UCLA's physics lab is a great example of how mini-environments can provide the environmental control required to conduct nanotechnology research.