Acoustic Design for Semiconductor MiniEnvironments 

Acoustic attenuation in MiniEnvironments for Semiconductor and Nanotechnology applications

For over 10 years acoustics have been an important consideration for iE in the design and engineering of MiniEnvironments for semiconductor applications. iE employs several techniques to achieve a noise reduction in the critical enclosed environment while contending with an external noise level of 75 dBC typical of cleanrooms and an internal air-system. iE’s design and engineering team works with the client to understand the acoustic sensitivities of the enclosed instrument and uses that knowledge to create an Enclosure solution that protects the instrument from the most detrimental acoustic and structural vibration frequencies. 

Fan impellor selection and acoustic baffling strategies are informed by the instruments requirements as well as the composition of the outer acoustic armor panels. Placement of the air system fan and temperature control components is also driven by acoustic requirements with external remote placement of these noise and vibration emitting components being preferred for the most demanding applications.