Testing & Certification

RCCP-SCF Certified for Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry

Intelligent Enclosures is a leader in the controlled environment field.  We specialize in the supply of USP-800 and USP-797 approved cleanrooms and are also RCCP-SCF Certified. This means that we can design, install, and certify your cleanroom  and PEC's (Primary Engineering Controls).  Closing the gap between design and certification brings our Customers a comprehensive and unified solution.

There are few registered clean-room certification professionals for sterile compounding facilities and we're proud to be numbered amongst the few.

As a certified CETA certification professional we can  help train, guide and educate technicians and professionals across the industry.

USP Compliance Testing:  USP<797> & <800>

  • Ceiling HEPA Filter Integrity Testing
  • Non-Viable Airborne Particle Counts
  • Room Air Exchange
  • Room Differential Pressure Cascades
  • Static & Dynamic Airflow Visualization
  • Viable Air & Surface Sampling
  • Biosafety Cabinet & Isolator Testing and Certification
  • Clean Bench Testing

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Controlled Environment Testing Association

National Sanitation Foundation

United States Pharmacopeia

Institute of Environmental Science & Technology

Controlled Environment Testing Association

Food & Drug Administration

International Organizaion for Standardization

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health