Acoustic Enclosures for small Instruments

Acoustic Enclosures for Small Instruments iE has designed and engineered Acoustic Enclosures for smaller instruments that are either floor mounted or table top designs. iE has developed an interlocking panel design that eliminates the need for a frame for the smaller enclosures allowing for quick and easy assembly around the instrument. The panels employ either a stainless steel construction for Semiconductor use or steel construction as an option for non-semiconductor instruments. For table top instruments, iE has designed enclosures which integrate vibration isolators into the table legs allowing for a smooth unified appearance. Acoustic enclosures can include such features as internal noise absorbing baffles with perforated metal skins and non-parallel side walls and ceiling to mitigate the incidences of standing waves. Bulkhead connectors and special thick rubber pass-through blocks are incorporated for passing facilities and data in and out from the instrument