Services & Capabilities

Intelligent Enclosures offers a full service solution from concept generation, development of proof of concept, engineering and design to manufacturing, installation and commissioning of MiniEnvironments and related technologies. We have Engineering and Design staff who work closely with our Operations Team to ensure initial concepts reach maturity and meet goals set by the Customer.

Our strong engineering and design base uses a range of software including 3D parametric solid modeling, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis and photo-realistic rendering to maintain our capabilities as the most innovative and flexible MiniEnvironment supplier.

To assure the best quality of fabricated materials and sub-assemblies, we utilize an outsourcing strategy for manufacturing. Our strong links with these partnering resources provide for reduced cycle times and an ability to compress schedules. In-house management and control of the assembly and test operations ensure we maintain high standards of quality control.

To understand more about our capability in each of these areas please review the following pages: