General Purpose MiniEnvironments for Semiconductor Applications

MiniEnvironments for diverse applications

iE has created many MiniEnvironments designs which are less complex and have faster cycle times for engineering, design, and manufacturing. These MiniEnvironments are typically designed for rapid and repeat manufacturability, which allows iE to meet the Customer’s budget goals and their requests for shorter lead times.

The MinieEnvironment may be free-standing and surround the Tool or attached to its base with the use of appropriate anti-vibration mounts to control vibration transmission as required. These systems typically include fans with controls to vary the airflow through ULPA grade filters and feature a single pass airflow design that takes air from the surrounding area then exhausts the air in a controlled manner into the ambient area. Commonly Clean Room grade illumination and ionization is included within the scope of supply. Hinged or removable doors and access ports and panels are included to meet the Customer’s design requirements.

gpMEs can be shipped tested and fully assembled, or subsequently disassembled into a flat-pack configuration to save costs in packaging and shipping.