Enclosures for Metrology

MiniEnvironments for Semiconductor applications for critical metrology processes.

From Concept to Volume Production for Semiconductor MiniEnvironments

Veeco wanted to create a leading edge Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for semiconductor metrology with a resolution of 1 nanometer within an Class 1 in operation (ISO 14644-1), acoustically shielded, and temperature stabilized environment. Veeco chose Intelligent Enclosures to join Veeco’s team to engineer, design and prototype the required Enclosure. Working with Veeco and Veeco’s vibration isolation and stage suppliers iE engineered an airflow design using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis that would allow the AFM environment to meet Veeco’s goals while accommodating the required AFM architecture. Veeco contracted with iE to develop the industrial design for the Enclosure to support the market launch of the new Insight 3DAFM™ Tool at Semicon Tokyo. Then iE’s design staff created an Enclosure meeting the performance and design requirements and providing adequate access for maintenance, servicing, and user interface.

Next iE manufactured prototype Enclosures for Veeco which iE integrated with the vibration isolation table and X-Y-Z wafer stage at iE’s facility. iE then tested for compliance to Veeco’s performance criteria.

After the successful completion of the prototype phase, iE developed a production ready design for Veeco. iE was given the contract to build the production Enclosure and provide Veeco with integration services. iE receives from Veeco’s isolation table and stage vendors an assembled table and stage on which iE installs its pre-assembled Enclosure, mounts all the additional panels and components, and routes electrical cabling. iE tests the assembled Enclosure with the Tool in the operating condition for ISO Class 1 cleanliness, temperature stability, and acoustic attenuation. By shipping a fully integrated and tested system iE provides Veeco with reduced total cycle times, providing their Customers a much earlier delivery date.

Final Product AFM Enclosure

Final product

Enclosure ready to ship

Integration of AFM Enclosure

Integration of Enclosure

Enclosure integrated to stage

Assembly of Enclosure

Enclosure is assembled.

Engineering and Design of Enclosure 

Enclosure is designed to meet specific needs.