USP800 Modular Cleanrooms.

Cost-Effective Compounding Cleanroom Solutions

Engineered to be modular, Isolation and environmental control has taken a huge step forward for the pharmaceutical compounding industry. Our Stand-alone MC2-USP-800 modular cleanrooms provide a quick, easy, and efficient solution for meeting the ever changing demands of the USP-797 and USP-800 Federal guidelines. These rooms are designed to meet both sterility and safety while compounding. Some of the benefit features are listed below

  • 100% relocatable. When you leave, you take it with you. This stand-alone system prevents you from improving your landlord's property.
  • Depreciate the cleanroom as a capital equipment, allowing you to write-off the value within 7 years.
  • Suitable for both USP-797 and USP-800 applications where positive or negative pressure cascades are required.
  • Easy-to-clean system offers a flush interior and impervious wall system. Various panel options are available; polycarbonate, aluminum composite, polypropylene, tempered glass or other materials.
  • Provides integrated ceiling system in factory assembled modules for fast and simple construction.
  • All assembly hardware is accessed from the outside and sealed for a professional look.
  • Can be designed as a single-pass cleanroom, or as a re-circulating design with air-chase walls and ceiling plenum.
  • Pre-wired outlets, data jacks, and magnehelic pressure gauges are available for clean, efficient operation.
  • Biological safety cabinets, Total Exhaust hoods, and powder containment hoods can be incorporated to meet all guideline requirements.
  • Integration of pass thru cabinets, shelving, tables, sinks and monitoring arms offer a complete solution.

Pass Thru Cabin.

Hands Free Sinks.

Work Stations.

Monitor Arms.


Waste Receptacle.