Design and Engineering

Our turnkey services include the specifications development and design planning necessary to make effective choices for our customers. We act as consultants in guiding them to the best cost/feature/benefit selection and integration, as well as helping create a distinct product appearance with human factors strategy that will best position them in the marketplace. Some of our services include:

Enclosure Engineering
Environmental Controls Selection
Airflow Management
Usability Studies
Product Appearance

Customers often require that we develop solutions from the very origination of the concept. In these cases we will complete a stage of the project in which we define the project scope, all the engineering and design goals, clarify all the process requirements, human factors engineering, and conclude with a proof of concept model. A prototype may often be required prior to manufacturing, test, install and commissioning of a single unit, cluster unit, or a production run of a larger quantity.

Our toolset includes a range of software including 3D parametric solid modeling, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, and photo-realistic rendering. When necessary, we also utilize specialist expertise from our associates in the field of engineering, materials science, and academic research.