Semiconductor Factory Automation Air Systems and Enclosures 

Air Systems for Semiconductor Production Equipment

iE developed an Air Filter System to provide air cleanliness meeting Class 1 standards [Federal Standard 209E] that integrated with Daifuku’s Reticle Storage Stocker, whilst limiting the heat gain contributed by the fan and control system. The System was accepted by Daifuku and their Customer in 2004, and has been successfully integrated in all subsequent Reticle Stockers requiring this level of performance.

During the engineering phase iE provided Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis to ensure that the airflow would support a Class 1 environment for the stored Reticles, and that temperature rise inside the Stocker was within the specification. Once the design and engineering phase was complete, iE supported a rigorous system test in Japan before installing and certifying the first production unit in a semiconductor manufacturing Clean Room.

The iE Air System integrates within the Daifuku Reticle Stocker architecture, limiting the overall footprint, and includes independent sub-systems for alarms, power distribution, control circuits, and safety features, which meet all necessary safety certifications for semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

Support is provided for continuous product improvement as the Customer’s technical requirements increase, and iE provides engineering and design services, and CFD analysis, to meet varying environmental requirements in the Fab.

iE continues to produce this Air System for Daifuku and provides worldwide installation and certification support for semiconductor facilities.